Vehicle Tracking System

Vechicle Tracking Services

Dharm GPS Tracking is one of the significant names in the tracking device industry. Our range of vehicle tracking system comprises internet-based access, live tracking, along with asset management. In the world of road rash, we help you keep a track on vehicles and make decisions instantly.

With our range of live location vehicle tracking system, you’d be able to know the exact route of your vehicle. Such information will help you reduce cost and enhance your services if you own a fleet business. And hence, not just on vehicles, but these tracking systems will also let you know the track where your employees are present.

Features of our Vehicle Tracking System:

Built with advanced technology by experienced technicians and engineers, our range of vehicle tracking systems come equipped with several great features.

  • Vehicle Recovery: Our Vehicle Tracking System is designed to help you keep track of hijacked or stolen vehicles.
  • Mileage by GPS: Based on the GPS system, this feature helps you calculate the mileage of your system through a special algorithm.
  • RFID: Our vehicle tracking system even supports RFID, which will help you schedule facility of attendance for school students and corporate employees.
  • Overspeed: If you have a business and your fleet is running on the road, you’d be able to keep a track on the speed. Whenever the driver exceeds the limit, you’ll get an alert for the same.
  • Stoppage Alerts: With this feature, you’d be able to know the location where the vehicle stopped and the duration of the halt.
  • Parked Status: This feature allows you to have an idea of the duration for which the vehicle has been parked.
  • Tamper Protection: Built with sturdy material, our devices are robust enough to withstand every sort of season and weather.
  • Control Room: Our systems support multi-screen control room that allows you to control the device however you want.
  • Multi-Language: Our Vehicle Tracking System multi-languages; hence, you can operate them as per your requirements.
  • Discover the Nearest Vehicle: The provided landmark would help you discover the nearest vehicle.
  • Alerts: Whether it is about undue stoppage or over-speeding, our system provides alerts through e-mails and SMSs.
  • Fuel Saving: You can save the fuel in your vehicle by locating the shortest way.
  • Geo-Fencing: Whenever the vehicle enters or leaves the given area, the system sends alerts through email or SMS for the same.

Our Vehicle Tracking System offers a real-time monitoring system that would help in saving lives, reducing costs, enhancing competitive positioning, and improving customer satisfaction.

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