Child Security System

Child Security System Services

With considerable technological advancement in almost every domain, the world is becoming a great place to reside in. Also, with the popularity of the internet and smartphones, the importance of location-based, and GPS based services has even increased.

Being parents isn’t an easy task. You are always on the run to keep your children safe whenever they are out of your sight. The bitter truth is that you cannot always be around them. And, in such situations, their security remains the priority.

Keeping that in mind, we are bringing a significant Child Security System. With the use of the Geofencing system, we have made this system possible. Integrated with GPS Tracking Solution, this system will update you regarding the crucial information of your children’s whereabouts.

This Child Security System by Dharm GPS Tracking ensures better watchfulness. With the help of proficient and skilled technicians and experts, we’ve designed this system to provide peace of mind to parents all around.

Features of Child Security System:

Developers and engineers at Dharm GPS Tracking are well versed to provide this solution to both Android and iOS users so that you can easily get a notification regarding the location of your child. There are several other amazing features integrated into this system, such as:

  • SMS and Email notifications
  • Automatic alerts whenever the child is out of range
  • Access to location history
  • Availability of SOS button to send an alert for help
  • Navigate the child’s location
  • Search for lost phone
  • Add a spouse, the second child, or other family members to the account
  • Report on how the child is using or charging the phone
  • Child control GEO location feature
  • User-friendly dashboard & easy admin management
  • Easy website member management
  • Easy admin user’s management
  • Real-time reports
  • The easy content management system

Reach Out to Dharm GPS Tracking for Child Security System

Dharm GPS Technology boasts about its skilled team of developers who have experienced enough to develop this child security system with better quality and cost efficiency. Keeping your requirements in mind, our team tries to understand your needs and then provide superior solutions.

With an excellent user interface, our team can ideate and execute the idea according to your requirements. Hence, for the better safety of your child, get in touch with us and ensure that in the world of tragedies, the apple of your eye is always safe and protected – even if you aren’t around.

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