Personal Tracking System

Asset Tracking System

In today’s time, when it comes to the safety of your loved ones, every sort of measurement seems to be less. Hence, it is essential always to remain one step ahead whenever the safety is concerned. In this organization, we develop tracking systems by keeping your requirements in mind. Therefore, regardless of the person or asset you want to track, you can always rely upon us for superior services and best results.

Whether you want it for commercial use or personal, at Dharm GPS Tracking, we make sure that you get superior quality in exchange for your money. Our Personal/Asset Tracking System is one of the most cost-effective personal tracking solutions, based on the GPS technology that you can get in the market.

Designed to perfection and tested by the experts of the industry, our tracking system doesn’t require any additional software to run efficiently. Sophisticated and easy, this personal/asset track is built with sturdy material and powerful module.

Our powerful device helps you prevent unwanted tragedies with children, teens, or elders. Furthermore, this device will always keep you at peace knowing that your loved ones are safe. With a 24/7 locator, this user-friendly device can easily run on your smartphone.

Furthermore, there are several amazing features integrated into this system that will keep you advanced and a step ahead regarding protection and safety policies.

Benefits of our Personal/Asset Tracking System:

With this tracking system in hand, you’d be able to gain several benefits all at once, including:

A track of loved ones
Technical or sales force management
Tracking for Commercial Purpose
Military use (for locating soldiers)
Outdoor recreation activities advantages, such as bike riding, hiking, traveling
Safety for ill patients or senior citizens

Features of Our Personal/Asset Tracking System:

There are several features that this tracking system has:

  • Water-resistant
  • Long-life rechargeable battery
  • Personalized safety zones set up
  • Geo-fence set up
  • SOS button for emergencies
  • Portability
  • Prompt location alerts and history
  • Continuous Tracking

How Does the System Work?

Our Personal/Asset tracking system is easy to use. All you have to do is attach the device to an item you wish to track. Whenever the item leaves or enters a particular location, you’ll be notified with an SMS or an email. The location gets an update every 30 seconds, and you can also locate the directions.

A combination of GPS, internet, and cellular phone communication in a device provides complete solutions to end-users.

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